Friday, January 27, 2012

Ben and Molly

Time. Time was slipping away. Ben knew it the moment he stepped out of that door. Molly didn't follow. She'd dismissed him as if they were just old school chums. Nothing more. Nothing less.

His heart felt as if it were about to explode. He waited. At least a minute or so, but thought it best to walk on. Of course, he regretted it very much because once he got back to his home there was a lot of explaining to do.

Ben listened to his worried mother. How she almost called the police. She should have. This lead to him being more disagreeable with her. All the while, he wanted to call, text Molly. Do something. But he was caught up in the house and the after math of Christmas. And what was he taking back to school with him?

There would be a new year. Would last year's old coat be enough? He half listened. Thinking of Molly. Wondering if she was mad at him. Or did she expect it?  A one off.

What would he do? Write a letter. Send her a gift card? It was totally wrong.

"I dunno if..if want to go back. " He'd told his mom. She yelled at him about how ungrateful he was.

"What are you thinking of doing? Joining the army? Well, I don't think so." Her words carried with him through the day. He didn't want to talk to her. And they knew something was different. They didn't say it. But he had a feeling they knew.

Only, it didn't stop his mom from the endless list to do. He needed to take someone to dance class. This one needed new soccer shoes. He was needed. He was here.

Finally, he texted  Molly, telling her he was sorry. Immediately, he thought she'd text back, but she didn't. And he felt bad, thinking she must have thought the worst. Thinking she was an after though,t now. Perhaps not even that.

If he took a second, he could remember her eyes, the way she looked at him. There were other parts, especially memorable. How her skin was so kissable. Strangely now, he thought of way her mouth moved and pressed against his. How she ate. That little smirk when he knew he got to her. He'd smile too. As if she was thinking about him. Right now.

Yet, the thunderstorm of home raged on, he couldn't get out of here fast enough. Suddenly, he had a new idea. He'd leave now. Something about his studies. A professor. Anything to get out of his family's grip. He knew he was suppose to enjoy his holiday break. But this was nothing like a holiday at his house.

He'd helped take the tree down. He'd helped with the roof drains.

"Come on, you have to let me go. Please?" Was that the magic word? Ben didn't leave anything unfinished.

Naturally, he had to wait after dinner to find out the verdict. He watched his parents talk among themselves. All the while he waited to hear from Molly. It was killing him, slowly. Just how was he going to make this work?

Another day past. Then another. It was worse than a bad case a flu.

Now Ben was beginning to think Molly was using him. She'd gotten what she wanted from him, evidently. Is that how it worked with modern girls these days? She wasn't even a woman's study major. Just Fickle. Would she only respond if she felt like it?