Monday, December 5, 2011

writing notes

This is the first time I've done anything exactly like this in a story. Yes, I've written a few mystery stories. But this is about a character I've been writing about for some time now. She is like one of those friends, that I can't completely understand. She had her first child while in high school. Of course, writing in a story blog, which in a sense is more of a character study ..characters evolve.

It took me a while to wonder if I should kill a character off. Of course, it probably bothers me than it would anyone else. Although, this part of story is based sort of on something that did happen in my family. Yet, the players were very different. And she did try to run from him. He had one target in mind. The house had bullet holes. Everywhere. So I was writing a little close to home. The affects of that incident still are with us. It was a different scenario than the one I wrote about. Unfortunately, we have more and more shootings that happen in the home.

It was emotional to write about. Although, I'm not sure the reader will ever get that part of the story. Maybe. 

Also, the holidays are a depressing part of the year for so many reasons that one might must be joking.


  1. I hate the holidays, they always seem to be depressing. Or more correctly put they always seem to be less than desired.

  2. I like to listen to Sufjan Stevens during the holiday. He does have a unique was of sharing the holidays through his Christmas songs.

    I'm sure it was so hard, to do. Should give you lots to write about now.

  3. Good luck getting through the holiday season..try to see the good side of it like the happy children and the falling snow!