Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

Just been working. A lot. It feels that way.


Mix in some nights of tornado watches and thunderstorms..and you get a big yawn.

Dad was a bit crazy last night. First we took a drive down to the river which has swallowed the baseball and soccer fiields now. All the restrooms at the park are now way underwater. Next will be the railroad tracks.

Later, after the sirens went off, there's Dad out back watching the clouds. All I wanted was TEENWOLF which went on and off. My friend doesn't like that show so we just have to talk about the shows she likes. I know I shouldn't be so petty, but..sometimes, you know, it would be nice if she could listen to me.

No..instead..we go out to lunch and she tells me how bad Lars is. I have to listen to that too. I mean, he is working. So I don't see him as much now.

We did go see THE ART OF GETTING BY. Naturally, he didn't want to see it, but he didn't think it was nearly as bad as he thought it might be. He really loved the soundtrack too.

We went out with Caleb and his girlfriend. Mexican food. She was telling me about the rednecks ..close to where she works. Caleb picks her up on weekends then takes her back to the camp. We looked around TJ MAXX for a bit after dinner. She said if she had 400 bucks it would all be gone in one trip to that place.

I have a sore toe from my sneakers. Argh. But its getting better.

OK, whats really scary with all the flooding from the river is that the water has now surrounded a Nuclear Reactor ..not so far up stream from where we live. Dad wants us to have an emergency bag ready in case we have to leave. This is the Nuclear place that swore nothing bad could ever happen to it. Unfortunately, the levee that was built back in the 50's broke.

Always something to worry about.


  1. Hang in there! I love the quotes.

  2. I really liked the second to last picture, don't worry too much

  3. Love the quote from THE ART OF GETTING BY. Hope things getter better soon.

  4. I hope all the flooding goes away and everything is okay!