Friday, June 24, 2011

Crackship Friday - the Lizzy chronicals

I love Adam Pally from HAPPY ENDINGS. I think he'd be great with Jonathon Groff.

"So, is Dad like a professor?" Lizzy hoped he was. But Joey would know for sure. After all, Joey knew everything. He was dad's roommate. He knew everything there was to know about Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda. After all, they always made time to play those two games, everyday. Of course, she had to get her homework done, accordingly, or Dad might get mad. But it was Joey who picked her up from school. Who generally served her dinner, every night. Which might be mac and cheese or chicken nuggets. Sometimes, he totally forgot about veggies. Usually, she had to remind him. She did like broccoli. Joey always made a face at that.

"Not quite." Joey gave her a playful shrug and tossed her paper plate of unfinished nuggets, and got her an apple sauce cup out of the fridge. "He's a teacher, though. He teaches at the high school." Joey washed up what they'd messed up, quickly. He was on a schedule here. If she got this done, they'd go to the park for a bit and then he'd come back and e-mail the report he'd been working on. He worked from home.

For all six year old Lizzy knew, it was Joey who had the better job. Joey was always there when she needed him. Especially, when the school called if she had a tummy ache or a fever. Joey was the one to pick her up. Her Dad was always busy.

"What does he teach?" Lizzy wanted to know because sometimes, Daddy was just too busy. She guessed he liked her. After all, he'd came and got her when they took her mommie to the hospital. It was just... they didn't talk about her, anymore. She had Joey and Daddy now. Her own, room of course. And they had their own room too. Together.

"Math." Joey didn't sound too excited about it.

"What's he doing right now?" Lizzy wanted to know as she finished up the fruit.

"Tutoring." Joey seemed indifferent about it.

"Is that fun?" Lizzy winced as she went to wash out her plastic cup for recyling.

"I highly doubt that. But he gets paid extra, so he has to think of it, as fun." Joey went to get her sweater, just in case, and they headed for the park, about a block away.

He was funny. Sometimes, he talked to random dogs. She guessed he'd have one if Dad would let him. Before she knew it, he was making over a big lab in the park. Letting it lick his face. The owner didn't seem to mind. She laughed. And Lizzy noticed the owner had a boy her age with her. She looked at him as if she doubted he'd say anything to her, but he asked her if she wanted to play on the merry-go-around so they took off.

"Is that your Dad?" The dark haired boy asked.

"No." She answered. It was more important to push the play ground apparatus hard and keep running, so the circular motion would keep going, even if this kid already jumped on and was making her do all the work.

"Have you been snatched?" The boy asked once she got on the moving thing.

"I don't think so." She winced. "Joey lives with my Dad."

"What would you do, if someone did snatch you?" The boy was serious.

"Kick and scream." Lizzy didn't want to think about that. She felt safe with Joey, even if he did have a passion for dogs.

"Gotta kick'm in the balls, you know." He sounded like a pirate when he said it.

Lizzy just smiled. She looked back a Joey. What sort of balls what this kid talking about? She guessed she'd ask Joey because he liked questions. Unlike her Dad.