Monday, June 6, 2011

character notes

"Because I'm driving you crazy and you're driving me crazy and I'd rather not see you and have you think good things about me than have you see me and hate me. 'Cause I can't afford to have you hate me, Keith. The only things I care about in this goddamn life are me and my drums and you" -Watts

I love Mary Stuart Masterson's Watts from SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. She has to be one of John Hughes' best characters.(At least Hughes got a chance to play with his own fan fic of pretty and pink since the movie didn't end the way he wanted it. I guess you could say Watts was his Duckie from Pretty in Pink. He switched and twisted the story around.) Watts so determined and strong. Independent. I loved her haircut too. And she looked great with Eric Stoltz (funny, he directs Gossip Girl and a few other shows now from time to time & Masterson directed CAKE EATERS). Also at the end of the movie I love the last song from Lick The Tins that you can only buy from the soundtrack. At least at Amazon.

keith: I'm sorry. I didn't know.
watts: Yeah. Well, you're stupid. I always knew you were stupid.
keith: Why didn't you tell me? -
watts: You never asked.I wanted these. I really wanted them.
keith: They're yours. - You knew you were gonna get these.
watts: No, I didn't. I hoped.
keith: I didn't know.
watts: You knew.
keith: I had a feeling.
watts: Well, how do they look?
keith: You look good wearing my future.



  1. Eric Stolz is still haute! Mary is a cool actress.

  2. Such a great classic coming of age story! They were so adorable!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. She was such a wonderful Watts.

  4. Such a sweet lovely movie. Love that song at the end too.

  5. Love John Hughes. Seriously, the teen angst movies in the 80s were GOLD.