Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wee bit of wednesday with ellie

I had quite a struggle with a chicken, Sunday afternoon for about 20 minutes or so. Mom, wanted me to bake it. Granted, it wasn't alive. Just a thawed out frozen chicken. Except for that stuff in the cavity of it..which wasn't. OH nasty. I never want to do that again. Then of course, Mom made a I didn't know how to cut up a chicken..SO..I'd rather have chicken nuggets..even better, popcorn chicken from Sonic. But anyway, I was stuck with DINNER.

Hopefully, I won't have to do that for a while.

So..I had no idea Lars was back. Saw him out on a walk. I used to see him a lot. But then I thought he went away to college or something. I doubt his brother ever goes into the military. Not that he wears a mohawk or anything anymore. I don't really know him...even if he's lived down the street from me, for a while now.

We kind of hung out. I wish he talked more. We talked a little bit about bands and where he used to go to listen to bands. We came to conclusion that neither of us can support a rock'n roll lifestyle. Kind of sad, I know. But it was good, just hanging out. Outside. Kind of random. He's really quiet. Doubt, I see him anytime soon.

OK..I saw him again. He came to dinner. But he didn't get to try MY cooking. Probably a good thing.

And..I think I made a friend mad. Why is it, its OK for her to change her mind and decide what we won't do. And the one time, I'm just not up to doing what she wanted to do because I did have the worst sleepless night..night before..and I was so tired and out of it. I just wanted to stay in. She got so snappy. I hope she won't stay angry with me. Maybe, I'm just too set in my ways too.

The Momma squirrel and her three babies in the big Elm out front own our yard. They are really cute. I hope nothing happens to them. Of course, I saw a dead squirrel on my walk home from work, yesterday. Someone ran over it.

Just a few weeks til school is out for summer.

Like a vintage moment

Kind of a flashback....maybe... you know, I upset my friend, about not doing that thing with her. That I know I should have done because, well..she ended up going... with this person she can't stand, and I was suppose to be..THE BUFFER.. even though, I don't think I'm quite the professional at it. I mean, seriously, she just wants me to keep my mouth shut, but she still wants me there.

Honestly, she makes me feel..stupid. I'll say something and she'll interpret it another way. I'll be like..what is she talking about..and she's saying to me.."what are you talking about..." see, I had a feeling I might have a panic attack if I went. It was this church thing. Way far away, in her brother's car, too. I swear... your butt is on the ground when you go anywhere in that car. I was nervous. Feeling we might get in a car wreck. OK. I just didn't want to go and I was all set to stay in. Besides, I had to watch GLEE. And really, I didn't feel well. God, if Lars doesn't show up. He didn't even care if wanted to watch GLEE. He wanted to watch the show with me. Its kind of weird. I dunno what's happening. Mom seems to know. I just wish she'd shut up about him. I really do. A CASE OF SPRING FEVER. I'm sure he'll be over it soon.


  1. Love that pic of Matt & Molly!

    Friendships are so hard.

  2. So much happening..Molly & Matt..never would have thunk it.

  3. That's a cute picture..and I hate handling raw chicken too! yuck, haha:)

  4. I'm sure your friend will understand once you explain it, it would be a silly thing to stay mad over!
    And raw chicken is the worst :(

  5. Hahahaa..about the chicken. Love the Molly & Matt photo..I so wonder about this Lars????

  6. Such adventures. Made me smile.