Sunday, May 8, 2011

like a new religion running through my head

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. Perfect sunny weather. I loved looking up at the leaves on my walk. It was great to be out and about. I even saw somebody I used to go to school with, walking with her mom and baby. It was nice. It was such a lovely day. The wind wasn't blowing crazy. I was listening to my Johnny Flynn mix. I even had on my old jean shorts, rolled up at the end. I wasn't even afraid to wear a tank.

And then Lars found me. Oh, he wanted to do something. "We'll go to the old market." As if that were the key to everything. So one thing lead to another. He had to talk his brother to let him taking his truck. Oh yes, not even a car, his brother's old beat up truck.

I know..I know what you are weren't really thinking this through, were you.

It was the longest night of my life.

Lars found out from a friend, after we parked a mile away or so just to walk to the old market..that there was this guy from Bright Eyes who was having a private show. So, its all gonna be great. Its gonna be like, life changing...NOT. life may have changed now..since we didn't get back until 5 a.m. this morning. And its Mother's day. Mom won't let me hear the end of it. Yeap, I should have just kept listening to Johnny Flynn and walked on.

There was no Bright Eyes. Just some DJ who didn't do much of anything.

                      Your smile's on fire and still my heart won't let you down - the submarines

So..I'm the worst daughter there ever was. I kept Mom up all night, even though I told her where I was going and who I was with. Wasn't enough. And she has it in her head that something entirely going on. Which isn't.

OK..yes, there might be something..but not to her strange idea of it. In her head, nonstop sex. God...I'm making her crazy. She's making me crazy. And, Lars should just leave it alone. But he won't. He brought my mom flower. He's been very apologetic. Hopefully, all will be OK. She's had a nap. She went to Shop Ko with Dad to buy flowers. We have a little dinner happening, later. Friends and Family which I suppose includes Lars now. I so need more sleep. I can't stay out like that..every weekend.


  1. hmmm, hope it works out. It might.

  2. Wow what a Mother's day. I hope it works out with your friend..and Lunch..and with Lars..too.