Monday, May 30, 2011

character notes

“That’s the problem, you see God once, and you have divine permission to be an asshole." -Daydream Nation.

Landon Liboiron's character,  Paul said this in the film. It was like Landon came right off the set of Degrassi to just be a pothead in the movie. I swear I've seen him in those clothes on the Canadian teen show Degrassi.  You don't ever see his character with a girl, just getting the guys together to experiment in the kitchen with homemade drugs. Yet, he had some great lines. There is this one scene at the party when he takes out his switch blade and for a moment, you wonder if he's going to kill his drug buddy or somebody. Anybody. He was rather unnerving. His character was definitely unpredictable and very real in this movie.

Evidently, he's good friends with Reese Thompson too. In real life. (Reese played Thurston in the movie)They were on open mic..somewhere with a few original songs as the Crystalids! Moth St.


  1. I really liked the liked the song :)

  2. Landon is pretty talented. I must say.

  3. I love your character details, like that he only hung out with the guys making homemade drugs in the kitchen. Who hasn't known someone like this?

    xo Mary Jo

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