Sunday, April 10, 2011

hot child in the city..not

The house is so warm. And I don't mean that in a funky metro station kind of way, either. The weather is changing. Drastically, indeed. Warm winds coming in. Like a beast (tornado happened south of Souix City in a small town leaving the place with the fresh of smell of wood and natural gas), Its all different. Warm winds rattling the windows. I had the fan on last night, yet I kept waking up, there is a peculiar ring in the noise of the fan. Perhaps, because its made of complete metal. Its a cute fan, but thats about as much as I can say for it, at the moment, until I get used to this strange ring that goes in and out.

So..I got to see their place. Finally. Its much closer than I imagined at first. The apartment complex practically covers a whole hill. He lives in the basement of this one building with her and J. (Who lives in the dining room). Hence, there is no dining table.

And where would I live? With J, in the dining room, curtains for privacy.

"But it would be bunk beds?" As if that would be perfect. Ugh..I don't have the best room, anyway..still it would be down sizing..even more.

As it is, I made 3 hats this weekend, and I got yelled at about my yarn being everywhere. Oh well...OK, I shouldn't say that, but at least I haven't gotten any new yarn. I have to do something with this horrid pink yarn some lady gave me (she was my boss once who hated me so much. I didn't like her much either..but she got fired & I ended up with a huge sack of yucky pink yarn that I need to do something with).

I fried eggs this morning. I guess they turned out OK for the egg sandwiches. I get nervous around eggs. When cooking, that is. Possibly, just cooking for Dad. However, he made his spicy curry last night. As if I weren't in a sweat, already. Dad ate two sandwiches.

Last thing...there is a lot fighting going on. I watched 2 birds fight other day while I was on my walk home. Right in front of me on the sidewalk. What is happening to the world? If that's not enough some guy got shot in the park. He later died. Women getting shot while they are inside their house watching TV or making dinner. Its like I'm in PULP FICTION or something. Friday night, late in the evening, the neighbor's dogs got out and attacked this little dog on a leash. Then Dad says he wants me to have pepper spray on me, at all times. I wonder if its just about dogs he's worried about, or people too.


  1. I don't know about the apartment, seems like a dining room bedroom with someone else might be a little too much, then again it could always inspire writing or something cool. That would definitely be an adventure right?

    Oh and I skipped out on Jane Eyre until next weekend. Instead I saw Limitless and Sucker Punch.

  2. just enjoy that room of yours. please.

  3. I'm glad you post these stan pics..hehehee..

  4. I'm pretty jealous that it's warm there, it's so cold here!
    I like the idea of a dining room bedroom, it seems like such a cool story to tell later :)

  5. You wouldn't..would you..well, you'd be close to the kitchen~