Monday, April 4, 2011

genderswap Monday

by sad little smile

Honestly, I'd love to see William in something!

THE JEST: (on vampire diaries) William Moseley as Caleb (Caroline) Forbes // Kristen Stewart as Taylor (Tyler) Lockwood.

In other news...well, (sigh) he came to see me at work. That made my day. I'm not sure why, all he needed to do was mail something...but it was good to see him ..for a few minutes.

The package made it to my friend. I finally got the hat for her. I've had it done for months now, but I lost it in my messy room. Then I found it. It was thawed enough out to go send her a package. She's like 8 or so hours away. I made her a mega-huge CD mix. So I'm happy she likes the hat and everything.

As hats go, well, the one I'm making for my mom's friend..isn't going so well. Maybe if I don't get all dreadful about it, it'll work. In the end, the one I was working on..I just made it work. God, I'd love a nap, but then I won't sleep tonight.

Here's my movie review on Paul at Ivy's closet.


  1. Thanks for your comment :) That's so cool that you make hats!

  2. I love the genderswap!

    sounds like your Monday was interesting.

  3. That's so cool!

    PS. Thanks for your comment! :)

  4. Good luck on the hat. Sweet genderswap!

  5. I just want a completely fresh start if that's possible. I hate being mean and hope that there wasn't too much damage done.

    You really are nice and I am sorry.