Saturday, March 5, 2011

crackship fiction

I see some wonderful graphics. And well, I had to really figure out what I was looking at on Tumblr. I guess. Then it occurred to me. God, I do this all the time. Think of actors I'll probably never see a movie of these two as a couple. But you never know.

Recently, I've been catching up at Sarah and Lucy. A series of stories my friend Ivy writes. At the moment, the two friends who became friends because of a local band 'freaknoids'..are dating brothers. with two guys that are brothers. So Jamie Campbell Bowar (Todd) and Alex Pettyfer (Craig) are brothers. Of course, they are different from night and day. Todd's mysterious brother rolls into town. He really doesn't even want to see his brother, who at that time was living with his boyfriend. So Craig hides out at Lucy's (Todd's studio). Finally, when Craig finds out what the deal is with Todd and Lucy, well, he bumps into Sarah (Lyndsy Fonseca). However, all this time Sarah has been trying to get over her ex-girlfriend Cameron. But she's reluctant to take Craig in, since Todd split from his boyfriend to take care of pregnant Lucy. Still Craig is a mystery. He might not be as nice as he's cracked up to be.


  1. I'd definitely like to see alex and Lynsy in a film. Afterall, she was great with Aaron Johnson.

    But for Craig and Sarah. So do wonder what he's setting up. And if he is, what will he do if he actually falls for her?

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  3. So then they find out that Rachel is pregnant, and the baby is Cameron's. Meanwhile, Rachel's nephew Brett is having girl troubles at school, and his brother Matt is questioning his sexuality. Devon is thinking of breaking up with Ashley, and Britney and Chad are finding new ways to spice up their after-marriage sex life, at the expense of their fourteen-year-old daughter Kathy.

    All very interesting

  4. That sounded mean. I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to sound mean. I'm just kind of rude sometimes when I joke around. But I was only joking. Do you hate me? Please forgive me. I love you.

    It sounds like an interesting story. I think that's cool that your friend writes those. I'll have to read through some of them.

  5. Pretty interesting story here...

  6. They would be interesting together. And I do wonder if Sarah is truly smitten with him.