Friday, March 4, 2011

fill in the blank friday

Day 4 - Your favorite character G2 - Freddie. Dunno why. Maybe he seemed more of someone I could connect too. All though, he did a few shitty things.

Day 5 - Your least favorite character G2 - Cook. I never liked him. He was so hyper. Mean. Very hard to watch the things he did to his mates.

Day 6 - Your favorite character overall - Tony. Nick Hoult. He's such a fine actor with such an amazing range of acting skills. He made Tony such a sociopath. And then after the bus hit he changed. Yet still had old Tony to fall back on.

Day 7 - Your favorite episode - the Episode where Tony went to save his sister, Effy.

Day 8 - Your least favorite episode - Cook being an ass. But that was in several episodes.

Day 9 - Your favorite scene -Freddie finding Effy in the water. I loved watching him run.


  1. I love your blog!

    Bleah Briann @

  2. Aw..I remember those Skins. Yeah, Freddie was my favorite.

  3. So I just noticed you posted a cookie recipe a couple days ago! I posted that last year on my blog. Aren't they so delicious? I swear they're the only ones I make :D

    Anyway, cool writing skins thingy.