Monday, February 14, 2011

we tried

Why is it what ever I say comes out wrong? I mean, she's like my closest friend, but if I don't say it or feel the way she sees thing..then..then I am totally wrong. Its like I can't have an opinion. And is that really a friendship? Its like I'm there to be her cheerleader. And I feel like thats the only kind of friend I am, sometimes. And I - I don't know what to do. I feel like I have secrets from her. I don't mean to. But you know, she'll think I'm more weird than ever.


  1. I understand how you feel.

    Maybe she's just insecure enough that she can't handle someone who isn't continuously supportive.

  2. So is that you wearing that beret down there? If so did you make it because it's so dang cute!

    I know how you feel. Hopefully things will get better. I know I'ce had to stop friendships like that before.