Wednesday, February 23, 2011

we bit of Wednesday with ellie

1. I'm smitten with Stan over Sid these days when it comes to Skin. Stan is just so Michael Cera adorable.
2. I want to like Caity on MTV's Skins, but she makes it hard to find anything good about her.
3. I have the FORBIDDEN GAME by L.J.Smith on my reading list. Its some of her earlier work. You can get the whole trilogy in one book. It revolves around a mysterious game and Julian from the game store is in charge and has his eye set on Jenny.
4. I need to clean my room, again.
5. I need to figure out what I can do for a friend who has had a tragedy in her family.


  1. That's OK. Yeah, I think Stan is much more 'better' than the writers make him out to be. As if the whole crowd, has to have their drugs or else. I feel he falls into more peer pressure. I just want him to wake up. & know he is better than that.

  2. The book sounds interesting. Hope you are doing OK this week.

  3. The book sounds so good. I hope you like it. I feel for you this week. Hope you are staying well.

  4. Rooms always need cleaning. They're the worst. That book sounds really interesting. And I'm sorry for your friend.

    Thanks for the notes. I don't think it's weird . . . just that it's difference in taste. People tell me I'm weird because of my hair qualms. "It's just HAIR," they say, shrugging. Be that as it may . . . I suppose I really lucked out by being born a girl. Haha.

    Speaking of girls . . . no, I haven't talked to her. I haven't even seen her lately, due to me being at rehearsal most days. And then she's at soccer most days, so we didn't see each other that much anyway. I found out on Facebook, as pathetic as that is . . . but que sera, sera I guess.

  5. I like Stan more and more too. I hope you are doing OK this week. I do feel so bad for your friend.