Sunday, February 27, 2011

characters ..Roger & Doyle

Sometimes, I even wonder how a character evolves. I can't  say I've always liked Roger. When I started with him..he was this guy who wanted everyone to think of him as THE GUY. He was kind of a drama queen. But he imagined him being the best boyfriend who knew all about what a 'love life' was suppose to be. But the more I got to know him, I hated him. Therefore, Ellie did too. Then you start to think of him being complicated.

He is a bit like somebody I know. He went beyond the call of duty..I suppose when we dated. It was like he wanted to be my body guard, or something. And, well..he made me feel he was too good for me. I guess. Of course, he lived with his Dad too. His parents were divorced. But he strived for perfection. A great car. He was just a little, I dunno, perhaps controlling. Maybe thats why it never worked out. But still, I knew there was something odd about him. Like a lie, maybe. And it wasn't until his dad got into some bad problems and ended up in jail that he moved away to  his Mom's. And thats when he told me he was gay. Unfortunately, he might not treat  his boyfriends any differently from his girlfriends. I dunno.

But anyway, I guess I couldn't think of anything to write about Roger, until now. Honestly, I never thought he was a good match with Doyle, and there is just a certain honesty about Doyle. Naturally, I felt these were two opposites that connected. Although, Doyle gave up a lot to be with Roger. His mother mom won't have anything to do with Doyle anymore. He feels he's given up his religion. And Roger, I think sees all this possibly the way the majority of people out there what..thats so old school. Well, still people have family issues that tear them apart..and are more alone than they expected. Its a sad situation, and it doesn't help to get mixed up with someone who you can't truly trust.

Lets just say I probably had more fun than I should have with this downward spiral of things. Because one thing leads to another ..thus it effects many other characters in the story...yet makes room for new ones too.


  1. Interesting characters. I agree with the last paragraph. :)

  2. Roger is complex. I like him...because he is so Roger.