Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday Night TV

OK. It has to be my favorite night these days.

Starting with ABC Family's PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Oh the show has just gotten hotter. They have a new bad boy on the scene who can pretty much pick a lock or hack into your phone. Caleb aka Tyler Blakburn is on the scene. But of course, he doesn't know the half of it. The girls on Ian's trail. Is he A? Will Ari ever let her English teacher go? At least Ari's Mom is back. And she might have been the last one to see A in last night's episode.

Beaver's gonna be a kindergarten teacher.

Then there is GREEK. I dunno why I even like the show. Last night we got to see a whole new BEAVER. And it was a good time. Although, Rusty broke up with his lab partner and who knows...who he might hook up with now. And um, I think I'm ready for Cappie to grow up.

Finally, I had to tune in to the second episode of SKINS. I wasn't really that fond of Tea's character. But I liked the episodes. Some great dance scenes..even with this new Tony. Yeap, the writers are twisting it around. Still there is Stan and Caity to love. Now if they can only find themselves to love. Oh, Daniel Flaherty smoking a cigarette in the boys room. He really did look scared. I do wonder if the show is claiming to be from Canada now, but the school scene with the principal. But who knows.