Sunday, January 23, 2011

let them eat cake

Basically, I do better from worshiping from afar than having the real deal.

Not that I should discuss it at great lengths, but I pretty much suck at romance.

Basically, we..HE & I have been friends. And sometimes, went out, when duty called to all those 'couples' we know. And yes, I think of the things I've done with him, for him..these include trips to Wal-Mart at wee hours of the morning and doing laundry occasionally.

Yeah, so..those are dull things.

We used to talk. About everything. Now we don't. Its just depressing now. He's moved in with some girl he never ever told me he was seeing. He says they aren't dating. Well, they are living together.

I know. I know..why am I seeing him today?

Anyhow, I'd rather be thinking of Jack or Jamie..even Garrett. Not the real-life guy.