Friday, January 28, 2011

Last night

Its been forever since I've watched Vampire Diaries. I'm out when its on and well, its a headache to record it because I don't exactly have one of those Tivo things and the server online is just terrible when I try to watch it on the CW. Hopefully, its better now. But I recorded it. Sure I have a bit to catch up on. Honestly, was so sad.

I'm thinking Caroline the vamp will hook up with Tyler the lone wolf..who just had his first moon. I know that sounds corny..honestly, they did so much better with the film of this than anything in the Twilight saga. The dark hole of the show was..why in the world would they leave Elena with a 500 year old vamp with a wolf bite. You just knew there would be havoc..but whatever. least Tyler knows Caroline if a vamp while Matt doesn't. I just so love the guy who plays Matt..only they don't use him enough on the show. Which makes me furious. Sort of.

So..well, Damien was going on how he knew Rose (Lauren Cohan..last scene as Bela on Supernatural) would have to die..the very old and I'm thinking..lesbian vampire..but I might have read too much into it. Whatever. She did go a bit crazy from the wolf bite. It really got to me, he stayed with her and he did whatever vamps do to enchant or something  another..compel perhaps? least he had her in a dream state....where she wanted to be and he staked her. It was very moving...if you can believe that. It was.


  1. It definitely was a good episode.

  2. I don't watch Vampire Diaries . . . yet. I just haven't gotten around to it.

    And I never watch actual TV, I only watch it online. But not on the network-operated sites. Those are the worst.