Friday, November 5, 2010

knitting my way

I've been writing. A lot.

Although, I'm not sure I know exactly how long a chapter should be. Patterson writes very short chapters in his thrillers. I don't think it matters. I look at writing as one scene after another..and you just want to get from one scene to another.

Granted, I was talking last night with a friend about dialogue and  how I've always loved dialogue. Usually, I have voices in my head. Conversations. That's usually how it starts.

I think one of my most stumbling blocks is location. Describing the location. You know, where does it go. Where will you put it in.

I talked to an old friend to day who told me he'd pray for me. We had talked about writing a while ago. I had tried to encourage him to write. He loves horror. Ghost stories. I guess. He looks like he could come out of a horror film. He sort of snake eyes with a Peter Lory voice. Smells of nicotine. I don't like being too close to him.

Anyway, he researches, mainly. He doesn't write. And yes..its not easy to write yourself into something..then to write through it. Its a challenge. But its a bit like directions too. I think, trying to write something, you hope the reader can follow.

Someone told me writing was lot like a knitting a sweater..and he told me I have hole-ly sweaters. I don't think he meant holy.

I recently saw a friend I hadn't seen in ages. I knew she did the nanawrimo. "Not this year, I decided I'd try knitting. 50,000 stitches in November for a scarf."

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  1. This is super cool!However, you're going to have to enlighten me as to what nanowrimo actually is... :D