Monday, April 7, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #32

Part 2.

(OK..what does this mean? Will's turn in the story.)

Jesus, I dunno where to start. I mean..its Bex, you know. She gets to me. She always has.

Simon says I'm a lazy bastard. Suppose, so.... when it comes to all the romantics. Just don't have the touch like he did with Pip.

I guess that's what started the tension. All my mates leaving. Those who were around, were sick in love. I wanted that too, you know.

Not gonna lie that I don't think about the opposite sex, but you know, to actually do it. Entirely different matter.

Simon says I'm not shy. But what does he know. Damn, fool.

He's got flute lips, you know. Pip told him so. Next thing you know, they're shagging. Even in the bushes.

It was really quite wild, the way he tells it. Then he gets started with me and Bex. How I look at her and all. I'm not buying it. I can't. I mean, there are revisions, choir, brother.

I'm doing well to get on with my mates. And yeah, I love a laugh with Bex.  It used to be so innocent. So..I dunno.

Maybe I was the one who wanted her to stop looking at me like I was a ninny, of some sort. You know, I wanted her to take me seriously.

No one, hardly ever does.

So anyway...yeah, Simon caught me off guard... how we were The Originals. Just a few of us left from our first year. You, would have thought we were being invaded by aliens. The way he got all tense about it.

Seriously, I was thinking at the time, he just wanted to have another couple to go out, with him and Pip. But that never happened. No, he was getting it on with Pip. It was crude, perhaps cruel of him, I think back now. He thought he was doing me a favor.

Setting me up with Bex, like that. He and Pip were suppose to be on that camping trip.  Dunno, why I wake up at night thinking how different things could be.

Simon and Pip might be together right now..if...

That night changed everything for me. I don't want to blame anyone. I really don't. Its just...

I can't even begin to tell you..what in the world.... am I doing with this amazing woman right now? I really can't believe its come to this.


"Simon, do you think I'll get fat?" What was I thinking, calling my best mate, first thing, when I got the new down at the clinic with Bex.  Of course, she hasn't smiled at all, and I'm worried she might try to destroy it, but it looks like its a little late for that. Practically, five months. And no baby bump.


Simon just blubbered. Couldn't say if he was exactly happy for us. Like this was all I needed. Pop around and cheer the old chum up. He's like a recluse since Pip dumped him for the South African.

But I can't leave Bex. Not now. Even for a little bit to check on Simon.

We have to see this through. We just do. First her mum. Then my folks.

Oh, God. My heart. My chest is aching with all the misery ahead. She still looks like an angel. Somehow are another, I feel like I'm the one about to die here. Not her. I can hardly breathe.


The nurse is coming. Maybe its a panic attack, after all.