Monday, March 24, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #30

As of late, The Beast was getting the best of me. Well, according to Will, anyway.

Somehow, I thought to empower our friendship would be a daily run with The Beast. It was just, neither one of us thought winter would hang on so long. Especially, on those deceptive sunny days close to dark.  Both of us were so out of breath and cold.

Guess, the good thing was..we'd do our best to warm ourselves up. Still, it was easy to see who was really frightened.  It did make me smile to know Will was afraid of the dog. I just couldn't let him know yet that The Beast's bark was worse than his bite. I suppose.

Granted, The Beast had his hey day when it came to dog fights. Sometimes, he won, but there were the scars still on his side of when he'd lost. He never made any friends that way.

But here we were on another day, both of us doing our best to keep up with the mutt.

"Jesus, my fingers are freak'n numb." I winced wondering how much longer I could take the pain. Will grabbed one hand and put it under his old gray sweater.

"Nice." I smiled wanting to hand off the leash to him, but he wouldn't have. Instead, we'd stand still as anchor,while The Beast sniffed around on the dry grassy knoll. Will stood close to shield me from the cold wind.

"You haven't heard anything..have of late.." I started, but soon found myself wanting to take in the sweet fragrance of the bakery left on his clothes.

"About what? I stick with my schedule, you know, babe. You. The shop. This." He gritted as if he was trying.

Soon enough, we were back home with a brew going. He broke out the day old scones. Somehow, I couldn't get warm enough. It was nice to have a cup of tea. Naturally, The Beast kept looking at me with soulful eyes. I couldn't forget he needed a snack too.

"Maybe, The Beast would like, you, better if you brought him some treats?" I hinted.

"What? What could I possible do?" Will squinted hard as he wanted me to lounge on the couch with him. We'd spill our tea for sure. Finally, I situated myself next to him.

"Oh, please, I bet you could make a mint down at the shop with doggie treats." I smirked as I held on to my cup.

Will looked at The Beast. "He would eat anything."

"True. But we keep him veg." I shrugged. The Beast loved carrots and green beans.

Will rolled his eyes.

"Look, you ever see Sam at the shop?" I sighed thinking I hadn't talked to Liz yet, like Geo had asked. Seemed revisions and school was getting away from me. And hoping to get some answers out of Pip about my brother.

"Sam?" Will didn't know a Sam.

"Liz has a Sam." I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. Guess, I was keeping him in the dark about my mates. He'd never been that found of Liz, but I told him anyway about what I'd heard. How she'd pounded some girl's face.

"Hang on." A thought finally came to him as if he got it. Lesbians in love. As if it might be a disease of some kind. "You, shouldn't hang around, then." That simple.

"I dunno if Liz even knows that side of her. I'd hate for.."

"Just leave it, alone, please." Will begged. At the moment was too tired to annoy him. Yes, some of the simple pleasures in life were at home with a cup of tea and bloke to nap with in the late afternoon.