Monday, March 17, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #29

I'd put off to speaking to mum about Gus for so long. I'd try. Then she'd be off on some obscure subject. Like my love life. Who was this Geo? Crap like that.

It was so hard to single her out. Like she might be better at this game of figuring each other out, than I was.

So..finally..we were alone. Imagine that. No Will waiting up in my room. No Gus for her to drink and be merry with.

Just the two of us, not trying to scurry off to school or work just on Tea and Toast. We were actually having a family meal together.

Of course, it was something that came out of the microwave. But still...

"What are you doing with Gus?" I couldn't help but jump on the question while she was letting her lean something another cool.

She only sighed as if I was the one making too much out of it.

"He's been subbing, as of late." She explained how the help was needed at the post office. Seemed, lots of folks were getting packages these days, way past the Christmas rush. "Just showing him the ropes." She shrugged.

"Are you sure thats all, Mum?" Gus was really making himself at home, these days. Should I be worried? Well, hell..I was worried.

"He's a bit of a laugh." She smiled as she dug into the comforts of home food, that was in fact low on flavor as well as calories. I did the same with my shepherd's pie.

"Well, you really have been laughing it up, haven't you?" I was perturbed that she'd let him in so easily as part of our lives.

"He is Will's brother." Her blank look was as if this was all my fault.

"Mum." Where did I begin. "He's..he's really confused me...about Will."

"Has he?" Her big eyes looked a little shocked. Yet, it was easy to see she was under his spell.

"Just what is he doing for you? Mum?" I was at my wits end. And  I was ready for jam and toast. This meal didn't cut it. Instead, I reached for some butter to fatten up my pie.

"He does take out the trash." She smiled as if maybe she could train him, and he might be as well behaved as The Beast who was laying under the table, waiting for a morsel or two that might drop his way.