Monday, March 10, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #28

Naturally, Mum wanted to know all about Geo.

"Just, someone from the club." I mentioned.

Geo was really quaint. He told her he worked there. Mainly, to keep the place clean and everything up and running.

Mum seemed OK about it.

"He's just a friend." I kept repeating, yet I wondered if I'd hurt his feelings, but he nodded as if it was true, and Mum went back to the kitchen to tend to something stewing with Gus. Evidently.

"So, how you been?" He stood there as if he might be leaving the next second. He was even more fit than I remembered and his wardrobe was a step up. Things must have been going well for him even if he did live above the club in a small space with a bathroom.

"We should chat." I suppose Mum would suspect we were more than friends if I asked him up to my room. Instead, we sat down in the livingroom. Not at all close, but close enough for conversation. Of course, his English was so much better. Maybe it always was. He didn't seem so foreign anymore, and I sort of missed it.

After a few more pleasantries, I was certain he would ask more of me, but he didn't.

"So, how well does your friend know her girl, Sam?" Geo winced as if he wasn't sure he should ask, but he did.

"I dunno. They go out. Usually, the weekends." I sighed. "Whats the matter?"

"Its just..she's not always with Liza." Geo pressed his lips tight. "She's practically at the club, every night."

"Every night?" I winced hard wondering if their romance was quite as perfect as I imagined. In my head, they were together 24/7, helping each other study, having coffee late at night, maybe even putting together furniture.

"Pretty much." Geo shrugged.

"With other...birds?" Maybe their was this flock, Liza nor I knew about. Not until now.

He shook his head, no.

"She likes to fight." Geo told me.

"Really?" I winced hard. Trying to think of Sam having a punch at someone. She was so tiny, and delicate.

"Yeah, its like she gets off on it, you know." Geo informed me she was a bit of a vigil-anti. First time, he thought she was helping out some lass, who's friends ganged up on her. "Now, I think she could do it for money. We've had to ban her from the establishment."

I hoped Liza knew. I didn't want tell her.

"You, talk to your mate then, yeah?" He got up as if was no longer needed.

"Yeah." I nodded, giving him a hug on instinct. And then I kissed him as if that was the usual.