Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ting and Colt

Ting and Colt

What would Shan, her son, think of her now? She was a little dizzy. On her third glass of dry white wine. What had gotten in to her?

She knew Shan thought she was with Hamilton. It wasn't like they knew each other. But as it was, that ship had sailed.

Now that Ting thought about it, she was sure her college son would think the worst of her. She was with someone an awful lot like his Dad, Hugh.

She closed her eyes.. when she opened them Colt's dog, part Labrador, part boxer stared at her. Ting sighed. The rutty skin of the dog made her a bit stand-offish. The hound reminded her of a Harry Potter character, the one with big ears. Ting sucked in a breath and poured more of the dry wine. She watched Colt from the patio door with the ribs.

Yes, he was a lot like Shan's dad who liked smoked meat, too.

What had she got herself into?

She'd been engaged to a surgeon, Hamilton Smith. Who could go wrong with a name like that? Of course, Shan had never seen him. Hamilton. She'd kept the two separate, like an experiment She didn't want Shan's input. After all, she'd really been the worst when he was growing up with such an immature Dad like Hugh.

But this was so different. Colt fixed her car late one night when she got off work. He worked the emergency. Mainly the beds. He was nothing more than pushing beds to surgery. But he knew cars. And she'd offered him dinner. And here he was cooking it. She didn't mean for him to do all the work.

He'd brought Maxine the dog, along too.

Her strange eyes met Ting's as she sipped the white wine. Was she going to regret this?

Colt was nothing more than a mountain man, with a lot heart. Evidently. He'd brought over corn, which he shucked, and a salad too.

"You, didn't give me anything to do?" She smiled ever so drunk from the wine.

"That's OK, you're a nurse, you, save lives." His smile was ever so endearing. Not Hugh at all. He turned the ribs on the smoker and looked back as if he was taking care of everything.

How could she be smitten with a man like that? What would Shan think? It wasn't like she could call him. Give him the news that she'd found someone..else. He'd know for sure she was drunk, then.

Shan would hate him. Tell her... he was too much like his Dad.

She felt sad now that she'd wasted far too much of her life with her ex-husband, Shan's father. She knew it wasn't fair to Shan. Thankfully, he wasn't warped by all the screaming matches and wretched holidays. Actually, he'd turned out amazing. He'd even met the perfect guy.

Ting nursed her bottom lip. What was she doing with the guy from the Emergency room? She wasn't moving up? She shook her head, in thought.

Colt looked like a re-in-actor with that head of hair and beard like a lion. He should be in western movies.  Did they even belong together?

There was a bit of gray in his beard, but he wore it well. She knew she was older than him. At least, a few years, almost 10. But he wasn't here to be mothered.

She took a deep breath as she went out on the patio to see what he was up too. Naturally. he grabbed her around the waist and his smile said it all. He was happy to be here.

"Don't you, get drunk on me, now." He said ever so calm, as he would catch her before she could fall.

She held in a laugh. She knew it couldn't be the wine. She was drunk on him.


  1. Being drunk on someone is sometimes even more dangerous than being drunk on wine. :/

  2. Kinda sweet, but I am not sure she is being careful!