Thursday, August 8, 2013

day 8

30 day song challenge Day 8

A song you know the words too...

Daniel Johnston's most wonderful song that you can only find the best version of on MY SO CALLED LIFE soundtrack. Quiet possibly a very simple song.

Indie folk at its best. A guy with a guitar with a song. 

come to me tonight
if you can hear me thinking
come to me tonight
I don't need to invite
if you can catch the vibes
come to me tonight
yesterday is gone again
I'm thinking how it might have been
it's getting really late
and I'm not feeling too great
come to me tonight
girl, come share my dream
'cos reality sucks
come see me tonight
I know you've thought of it before
I'm waiting for the knock upon my door
please don't make me beg
if you can hear my thinking
come see me tonight
I'm not pulling your leg
can you hear me calling
come to me tonight
I'm hopin for a girl like you
none other would really do
come to me tonight