Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday wednesday

it was a challenge...

it was a challenge... by elliewriter on Polyvore

Its strange how July is. Here you are waiting for things to happen, and before you know it...summer is gone and its soon to start thinking of fall and what comes with it. My schedule has been bummed. Trying to find time for work outs. Helping with my brother's dog. The summer reading program coming to an end.

Thankfully the Lockin went OK..but someone tells me..Never again..So we shall see. Lots of trash to pick up.

I haven't watched..Under the Dome or that other Sunday night show on NBC. Instead, I've watched The Baby Sitters Club on Netflix. As well, as the Saddle Club. Sometimes, you just need to rewind..I suppose. So many things I should be getting to, but find myself putting off. up. I know..get busy. Do something. Have fun. I did make Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Get the recipe here.


  1. I used to love watching The Saddle Club *-* I'm going to start watching under the dome soon, I've heard so much about it already, that I really feel like it's a need! Those cookie yum yum and gaaaws Gaspard Ulliel is such a bombshell!

  2. BOYS! Oh man, I feel you! I have a hard time trying to squeeze in workouts too.

  3. Yum! Those chocolate chip cookies look amazing. Sometimes when it's hard to do anything like clean it's the body saying slow down. Although sometimes, It's just me being lazy. It can be hard to tell the difference :)