Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Its Wednesday!

Just because

Oh..I can't really say I'm obsessed with Harry Styles. However, I think of Henry a lot...who's fiction.

As it goes, Harry is only human and very much everyone wants a picture of right now, or some sort of magic. I'd kind of hate to be him. Oh..and he's straight too.

Henry is very much the opposites in my stories. He's gay. And of course, a girl's best friend. He likes bow ties..or did. See, even in fiction he can run into his own problems.

Honestly, he's a good guy. Although, he can be his own worst enemy.

He's a little like a guy I thought the world of. Although, he looked more like Tyler Posey. He was the best. Yet, he wouldn't let me know everything about him. Unfortunately..and I wished he had.And now we don't talk anymore. Maybe one day.

I wished he hadn't felt bad about who he really was.

Anyway..Henry is a little like him and a few other people I've met along the way, too.

Young Adult Summer Reading program

Our summer reading program is almost over. This Friday is our lock in. Who knows, someone might find a ghost at the library. Well, they hope..or at least a few do.


  1. Ooh, the lock in sounds like so much fun! :)

  2. I am 27 years old and still manage to think that guys is adorable.