Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Its Wednesday

Callie & Wyatt

I do love their chemistry on THE FOSTERS (ABC family). Maia Mitchell plays Callie. Alex Saxon play Wyatt. They are two adventurous people who can't find a thing to write about. Sure, Wyatt is a little awkward but he might just what Callie needs..that is if they don't get into some kind of trouble first. Anyway, its a fun summer story to watch on Monday nights.

back yard ribs
My brother has set a wedding date and has decided he will do the cooking for the wedding the day before. I have no idea how he plans to pull this off. I think my family will be helping with this wedding. He doesn't plan to stay with my parents for long.

4th of July

I feel like we've been helping my brother so much lately ..there is no time for the 4th. I dunno why I like this set. Perhaps its the nails. The dress. Oh..and the boots. I've always wanted to wear cowboy boots with a dress. I guess its a growing trend around here. Although, I feel its just too hot. I can feel my feet sweating already just thinking about them in cowboy boots. I'd probably prefer just old flip flops. Honestly, I just don't have the energy to dress up, lately. Maybe, its the heat and humidity. Always something.

30 day song challenge Day 1

30 day song challenge Day 1 by elliewriter on Polyvore
One of my favorite bands that inspires me in writing and all sorts of ways. But this is one of my favorites of theirs. Although, I love all their songs.

Are you a fan of THE DRUMS?

Book of Stories


  1. I really like that outfit! I have been living in boots, even thought it is hot because I am a crazy person. How awesome of your brother to cook for the whole wedding!

  2. Love the idea of him doing all the cooking. I hope he can handle it.