Wednesday, May 1, 2013

wee bits

Well....the Mormans came for me. They were really nice girls. And maybe they were praying they'd find someone who would listen on a sunny afternoon. As it was, I was outside painting my nails so Lars wouldn't have something to complain about. But as the 45 minutes wore on it started to get cold. It was as if the wind changed to the north, or something. I don't really have anything against them..but..when they got down to receiving the holy ghost by the men putting their hands on their heads..I got creepy. In the end, I just guess I'm not committed to that kind of thing.

Freaking weird moments at the Library

Well, the guy who's a little crazy who shows up on Saturday afternoon announced that Courtney Klein had died. I have no idea who that is. But he kept saying it over and over. He wanted me to write it down. So I did. I learned that saying, "Oh...I'm sorry.." Made him go off the deep end. So when he came back to tell me again. I just listened. And he said it louder and louder. It was so hard to keep a straight face. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a very MAD WORLD.

Sunday..I'd just been discussing French Movies with the French teacher at the counter. Just as she left an old man comes up and says. "Mademosille..." Oh, the most romantic thickest accent..and he wants a book. Which I thought was "I Hate To Leave". Of course, we did not have that title. Actually, the title was "I EAT to Live." But we didn't have that book, either.

Other awkward moments. Almost choking the little girl when I was scanning her keychain library card that I didn't know was still around her neck. But she came back the next day..and I think met the little brother of the two brothers in the Children area. They spent a rather long time together. He's 8 and she's around 7(Oh..if I could be matchmaker. The two remind me of the pair who were best friends that lived next door to each other and would come to the library on their skates). Finally, his high school brother came around to fetch him. He's sporting more of a summer haircut now and not a mop doo. Both boys are really athletic. Although, I think the older one would rather be on a skateboard than anything else.

There was the guy who fired off the F bomb. I do wonder about him. He's a wrestling coach. Then the new patron who swore she did not steal library books, but then gave us copies of our books' library pockets (ancient books BTW) for some unknown reason. Still not sure what's that about. But really, it wasn't a bad week at the library. The weather is warming up and really nice.

OMG..finished Hemlock Grove..and it did pay off. Its a mix of Dark Shadows, Twin Peaks and Skins. I like that it has gypsies. It went where I hoped it would go. Sort of. wonders where it will go from there.  Or should it?

The ending was twisted. Way twisted.

One theory was that Peter and Roman are related..but I'm not that sure. Although, just like I imagined, Roman's mom was a girl who ran off with a gypsy boy. I felt the show went full circle. Oh the possibilities of all the fan fiction!

I just couldn't help myself! So I had to write some feelings about it. Here.

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