Wednesday, April 10, 2013

wee bit wednesday

What can I say? I can't hardly wait for Hemlock Grove. Also, Landon Liboiron has really stepped up for the role of Peter in the Netflix series. Peter is a gypsy. Possibly, we've never see Libioron this earthy in the Eli Roth directed show. I hope its good. I have a friend who thinks Landon is the worst actor ever. She couldn't stand him in Terra Nova. Granted, that was a badly written show that wasn't really going to go anywhere. Here's hoping this is a show I'll want to keep watching.
Its my Mom's fault. Robby Benson is my Mom's favorite teen idol. She finally got to watch Jeremy (1973). If only I could find a picture of geeky. Naturally, those kind of glasses are so in style now. Its a New York City movie about Jeremy Jones the Cello player who finds Glynnis O' Connor (Susan) in the dance room one day at school and fell in love at first sight. While she fell in love with his music. While Susan is from Detroit and not Jewish, its a coming of age story with beautiful 1973 New York City at the back drop. And Robby's accent is such a New Yorker.
Robby Benson should be in more films.
I'm glad we watched this. Finally. She even had the book. Or did. These two actually dated for a while and even made Ode To Billy Joe..which my Mom saw with her Dad who kept coughing through a good bit of the movie. It seemed he would do this when he was embarrassed. He wasn't as big of a Robby Benson fan as my mom.
I got some Skechers Go Walk Shoes! And I love them!
I almost got some of these Dr. Scholl's jamies. I still might with the summer reading program coming up. They are cute and comfy.
Skechers' Bobs are still on my list to buy too. I'm on my feet a lot at work, and I also do a lot of walking.
Other than that..still got a cough...snow in the forecast...along with thunderstorms. April has a way of being a mixed bag.


  1. I've seen the Bob shoes by Skechers at Kohl's - they're adorable! :)

  2. Oh I am going to have to add that movie to my never-ending movie list!

  3. Can't hardly wait for Hemlock Grove.

  4. I adore Robby Benson!