Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wee bits

Just Because: I had Irish coffee on St. Patrick's day. Which meant pouring Bailey's Irish Cream in my coffee on St. Patty morning. Yeah, get that party started! BTW..that might have been why I got the stomach flu on St. Patrick's day. So..uh..don't go drinking in the a.m.

Unfortunately: The Morrissey Concert was cancelled. In fact, the rest of his North American Tour was cancelled due to the artist having double pneumonia. I feel really bad for him. All I can hope is that he has family and friends surrounding him to get better. I'd hate for him to be living one of his very sad songs.

WATCHING: Finally we have gotten around to watching the first season of Games of Thrones. But Lars is being a butthead. He likes the show, but hates it too. There fore, its taking forever to watch. I just might watch it without him.

Meanwhile...I found the first six episodes of Bomb Girls to watch. Its based in Canada during WWII. Oddly, where I live, the base was used just for that purpose, back in the day. And that is why we have so many little shoe box houses in Old Towne because that is where many of the workers lived, close to the base. Many women and children lived in these homes while their husbands went to war while the officer's homes were either on the base..are all the way into Omaha.

LISTENING: I've been rather Nostalgic..maybe it all started when I watched SideWalls and then Girlfriend. But they played Daniel Johnston's True Love I remembered hearing his Come See Me on one of my first ever CDs I can remember getting on the soundtrack MY SO CALLED LIFE. I learned you can't get the MP3 of that song on Amazon. He sings it live, but he made it so silly. So I had to tear my room apart. Look through several shoe boxes of treasures to actually find the CD.

Honestly, I think it must have been Johnston who inspired Conor Oberst the most while growing up. I can hear how Conor wanted to sound like him. Maybe he was thinking, well, that guy doesn't have the greatest voice, but its still soulful. While Johnston wrote songs about what was in his life or what was around him, so did Oberst at some point like "Drunk Kid". Lately, he's had a greater cause, being all political which hasn't exactly been a selling point..I don't guess. Maybe decades from now people will want those song.

I am glad Oberst did Devil Town(yet its kind of hard distinguishing these 2 voices on that song). I'm not saying I love every Daniel Johnston song, but True Love and Come to me are two of my favorites. I love the music, the lyrics and even Daniel's mournful voice.


  1. Get well soon! I have the stomach flu myself right now and can barely get out of bed - totally miserable. :/

  2. My friend is super into Bomb Girls, she really likes it!

  3. I love Devil Town.

  4. I'm a big Daniel Johnston fan. Wish Conor would go back to those roots in his song writing.