Wednesday, March 13, 2013

wee bits

This is "plum" by Maybelline's Color Whisper. I'm not sure it last as long as I'd like. Still, it keeps the lips refreshed. I will have to wear it more. Silly me, put it on and then eat something. Thanks to Lars wanting me to try something he's been making, like his spicy guocomole. Not that he noticed the lippy. Which is sometimes, a good thing. Because, if he notices he'll say something like "Wow, where are you going?" His deer in the headlights he might have forgotten a birthday or something. If I wear too much make up, he says I scare him. This is also the guy who is afraid of owls, too. Go figure.
This is great when you have a tight budget. I love the fragrance. This winter I have a lot of static in my hair. I don't use it everyday.
If you have never seen “The Birth of a Nation,” you really should. The most terribly racist piece of cinema to ever be done. It’s infamous, but I’d never seen it until now. You have men in black face portraying black soldiers as rapists, drunks, murderers and a few scenes of them doing jigs and eating fried chicken. And while this sounds like an offensive, politically incorrect parody, it is billed as an objective, historic retelling. Who knew the Ku Klux Klan were just fighting for their rights. This shit is laughable now, but imagine that this film was the highest grossing film once. Crazy stuff. Oh, America.-I am a patient boy
Yes, Lars and I set through this movie..well, I didn't. I couldn't take this miserable movie. Although, Lillian Gish was pretty and I can't believe she'd be in this film. Sometimes, I think Lars is plum crazy.

Charlie Askew is probably the only reason I watched American Idol this year. Of course, he's not in the top 10 now. Still, he should be in a TV show. He's only 17 so, here's hoping someone will work with him and show that he's got a great chance of being a great act.
Seriously, I don't think Charlie needs American Idol. He should just be Charlie and sing what he wants and how he wants, because he has a voice that's not screaming..this is a voice that's got character and a great range too.


  1. I LOVE Maybelline Color Whisper! I have three of the pinky/lavender shades! :)

  2. I'll miss Charlie.

    That film is so long and well..I liked what that guy said about the movie, too.

  3. I love Charlie. I so want more of this kind of lippy too!

  4. Lovely lipstick!

  5. Birth of a Nation is horrific isn't it? I've seen only clips from my film classes in college.

  6. So true. I am still in shock that something like this got filmed.