Wednesday, March 6, 2013

wee bits

Sweet Spring!
Against my better judgement. It is good stuff!
Cold winds are still hanging on. Hoping for a warm up this weekend. March can be testy here in the Heartland. At winter's end is not to get educated in tornadoes and bad thunderstorms. Yet, I feel anywhere you live can be unpredictable.

I did meet someone over the weekend while working at the library. We talked about The Walking Dead. And then he came back the next day to talk some more. Seriously, I wish Lars wanted to talk so much about a TV show. Anyway, it was great chatting. I'm just afraid this guy doesn't have any friends. Hopefully, he's in 8th grade. He kept waving to these guys. They kept ignoring him. Yet, we had a good time talking. Although, I'm bad. I haven't watched the last 7 episodes...there fore, I could give nothing away this winter season.

Honestly, T should get an award for all this drama.

WATCHING: Pretty Little Liars. Last night's episode was a cliffhanger. I hope Spencer gets out of the nuthouse and finds Tobey. But it looks like bad news ahead from the preview of next week's episode. Another body is found in the woods.

She’s a writer. She’s supposed to be mad.
Tiffany Reisz, The Siren

I'm afraid I haven't been reading much. I'm trying to get into The Siren by Tiffany Reiz..but its just not happening. Evidently, I just can't do it. Besides, I've been working on a few things I feel I have to write. Although, I feel sure someone will tell me..'Really, you don't have too...'

I'd rather be writing about Shan and Harry.

In my own little world of writing I found a scene I just had to write..but then I felt the need to have to write the scene..before that..since you want to know..why this happened. least I do. Hopefully, the sequencing will balance out. I normally don't put a story together that way.

A few months ago I'd written a rather tragic piece based on something that happened in my boss' neighborhood, but decided I really didn't want to post something quite like that, after all.

Oh, these long winters can bring out the horror in me. Hopefully, my stories aren't that dreadful.


  1. Hooray for Pretty Little Liars and minty nail shades! :)

  2. I love the mint nail polish! Yeah the winter months can be dreary, but Spring is almost here :)

  3. Spencer is going through so much right now. I do wonder if she'll be part of the A team, though.

  4. I'm glad you're writing. Keep writing!!!