Wednesday, February 27, 2013

wee bits

Mojito Madness from essie! March is almost here!
Watching Being Human. And I really want Aidan to turn the bubble boy. I can't believe I want that. But I would hate for him to go with that scary vampire woman.

What if? Josh becomes a vampire now. After getting rid of his werewolf days?
I love the music from the show too.

BUNHEADS: The girls study up on sex. My beef..a few things get left out..and I wished they'd had scenes about them. Of course, I possibly do this a lot in my own writing too. Still the end of this finale was very bitter sweet.
I have a friend who reminds me of Meredith Salenger. My friend is having open heart surgery next month so I wanted to remember her somehow..thus she's part of one of my Ellie Franny.
Meredith is most noted with River Phoenix in A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF JIMMY REARDON.  Most recently she's been the wonderful mom on Hollywood Heights.
Lemon Blossoms


  1. Those cakes look nice! I think so much about the success of a show is based on its soundtrack - I believe that's one of the reasons I loved The OC so much! I hope things go well for your friend - are you okay?

  2. Those Lemon blossoms look amazing! I want that green nail polish, and I am super pumped to catch up on bunheads!

  3. Mojito Madness is one of my favorite Essie colors - love it! :)

  4. I love the green nails and the cakes!