Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wee Bits

Yeah, my mid week post is late. Very late. Indeed.

I've been thinking Lars and I might not be any good with these, leave work at work, attitudes. Yet, I feel we are much better at it than some people we know. I have a friend who can't just drop by and get the Christmas presents we got them. I even offered to meet them, or take it to them. God forbid, we go to their place. Which by the way is much more 'high end', than where we live. Therefore, they wouldn't dare be caught in our neighborhood. Things are really changing for that couple. They both really have good jobs, but their attitude seems to be changing. Anyway, we are waiting. Maybe they'll get their stuff by Valentines day. Of course, Lars is hopeful they'll get us pressies. As if. They never have before. So why did we? Cause, that just the kind of friends we are. We thought they were going to spend Christmas with us.

Once again, someone is comparing my story to SKINS. Which, I don't see it. I mean, I've written some Skins Fan Fiction which is definitely a whole new different level than the storylines in Ellie. Much more explicit and rather edgy which I think of.. as the show, where some characters are ruthless and a whole darkside, I doubt I'd ever go to in Ellie. Although, I do like to write scenes about parties. Occasionally. Of course, I have a scene or two coming up in the future which might put Henry and Shan's relationship in jeopardy. Honestly, I do think of the stories about relationships, than anything else. I don't see myself writing romance.

AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME is becoming my favorite Workout Song from Justin Beiber. I have that song going in my head. All the time. Its kind of annoying. Yet, it keeps me pumped when I'm working out.  I just can't help it!

Oh, Monday nights belong to the Syfy channel!

Loving Continuum! A cyborg (sort of) cop from the future comes back to take down the terrorist who came back through a vortex. Yeah, I know, complicated much? Still a cool sci-fi Canadian show.

BEING HUMAN (Canadian style) was just what I hoped for. But Aidan with a beard. One does wonder if the characters are switching roles around. Sally is back with the help of Josh and Nora, but will this ghost ever be the same now, with a new body? And now there is a witch about who seems a bit Nurse Jackie. Will she be a foe or a friend?

LOST GIRL is sexier than ever. One wonders how dark Bo can go in the Fey world.


  1. Friendships and relationships are always evolving..even in fiction.

  2. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thank you so much.

  3. I've finally figure Lost Girl out. The light and Dark Fey and what Bo really is. Hale being the new Ash. But I still like her sidekick Kensy best.

  4. I totally need to check out that Bieber song - I love finding new music for my morning workouts! :)

  5. I totally love Lost girl! & Being Human too.

  6. dont worry if ppl compare the two!