Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wee bit of Ellie


I really hate for that to be my new mantra..but that's the kind of week I've had with the new year starting..being at a new place..which is in fact very old..I found out from a co-worker she lived in these apartments during the 80's.

We were renting a place that got foreclosed and we hated the places where the rental people could fit us in. I mean, seriously, we thought we might have to purchase a gun if we lived in some of these places we could afford. So we moved to a really big one room apartment. We'd had to move so fast too. We tried to get everything culled before we left, but there is a lot to be done.

We have bad phone reception in this old place. No more washer and dryer. I loved that washer and dryer so much!

2013 looks to be more expensive. Cigarettes going up. Thankfully, we don't smoke, but my Dad was informing me of the price which he bases how bad the economy is getting. And with everything Lars has been through with might drive him to smoking and drinking and well..hanging out with my brother. Terrible combination. Anyway, more pay coming out of the paycheck for taxes and social security...Lars definitely has to bite his tongue.

A few weeks ago a co-worked was sacked for talking back.

Then my insurance card got lost in the mail. I so detested this secretary's attitude. I mean, I would have been much friendlier if I had her job.

Sorry to rant.

On the upside, dear sweet bro hooked up the ROKU that he gave us for Christmas. Lars has been too busy to do it.

We are in a thaw. But the weekend is suppose to bring snow.

CRAVING: Trader Joe's phalaphala wraps. Hoping to make my own with spinach tortillas.

READING: I started THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER. I have mixed feeling about it. Sure, this author has a great voice, but his whole attitude about cheating on this girl kind of sucks. I mean, he is a bit of an ass and its hard to have any sympathy for him. It seems he gets persuaded by his friends, and so does she.

WATCHING: BEING HUMAN. I watched the first episode of the Canadian series. Honestly, I wasn't that fond of the first episode..yet now..starting its 3rd season..I LOVE THIS SHOW. Which was left in such a cliffhanger. Did Josh get shot? Is Sally in the radio? And will they get Aidan out of the grave?

LISTENING: Morrisey. Lar's is depressed. Although, he did find this LP of his Grand-Dad's Herb Alpert and the Brazil 66...which was actually Sergio Mendes. Wow, we needed matinees and figure out how to do the twist. Yeah, we got a little goofy on mimosa on New Years eve. We couldn't decide if we wanted it with we had it that night. I wasn't too sick the next day.


  1. hopefully u get more energize soon! hopefully the new apt begins to grow on u. 2013 is going to be a great yr!!

  2. Aw man I can relate! I'm sorry you're feeling so washed out - moving house is exhausting at the best of times, let alone when you're not expecting it! Best of luck, I hope you feel better soon :)

  3. Oh, I hope things look up for you soon, Ellie...don't lose hope. :)

  4. I hope things turn around for you soon! 2013 is a new year!

  5. ugh, I hate having to move full stop. But having to move when it's super rushed and you don't have time to properly look everywhere and all that, EXTRA stressful.

    Hopefully things will start to even out a bit as the new year progresses!

    (also I'm really tired too! le sigh).