Wednesday, January 2, 2013

wee bit of Ellie

Why is it? I'm one of those friends always waiting on plans from pan out? It happened again. I should know this by now. If I were to go on with plans, they have to make me feel so bad about it. Its never a win win situation. But then again, maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way.

I did stay busy while waiting. Got in some writing. Its been so cold. All we did was stay in. Lars has been putting in all these extra hours. He's almost sick, because of it.  So I guess that means..I'll be sick too. And I sort of was over the Mimosa we celebrated with on New Year's Eve. More snow on the way. This is definitely January.

I just want to exercise everyday. At least 30 minutes. Hopefully, I'll read more books. Won't ask too much of anyone. Use my ingenuity. See my DIY projects through. Challenge myself with more writing projects. Listen more. Be thoughtful, and tell someone I love him each day. Better yet, show him I love him.

It just feels odd thinking of 2013. But its here.


  1. Gah! This post is just gorgeous! I absolutely love all of the winter-y scenes. Beautiful. Happy January, my love!! :)

  2. Love the pics and good luck with your goals! Just gotta stick to them!!

  3. good luck with your resolutions!!

  4. Cool post and goals! kisses chris