Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wee Bit of Wednesday

Oh, I know I'm not a real romance writer. I don't live in a world where everything turns out rosy. I do write from where I'm from and the stories I know.

What are Brothers For, I wrote actually a month or so ago. Yes, we had a scabies scare at work. I did break out in a rash. It was freaky because WE did not know what it was. Sixth Grade I'd had a similar situation which was scabies. Later on, we found out that someone actually had bed bugs in their apartment and didn't know it. And they got the bed bugs actually from the apartment above them. The bugs came through the electric outlets..and still, they managed to get to the library, too. Of course, in the story one might wonder just what was Sara doing. Probably nothing. Working in a public place our hands touch lots of different things and people too, even when we don't really mean to make contact with them.
Winter Misery was a flash fiction that I must admit I was inspired after reading Joe Meno's OFFICE GIRL. I gotta say I didn't want this novel to end, but I'm glad it ended the way it did. And I was a little worried about the cat in the novel. We never really know what happened to the cat. Still, the story was a take on listening to a co-worker talk about her grand-daughter's cat. Her husband neglected to give it its medicine while she was off at Bootcamp.. Even at her military school graduation, he didn't mention it to her. I've never met the guy, but lets just say, things aren't looking good for him at the moment with his wife.
I did hear from the author Laura Hansen! Yeah! "I love it! "Charlie" looks exactly like I envisioned. "Jack" could have better hair, but otherwise I'd put you in charge of my casting any day."
I've been making something a lot like this, but mine are a little bigger. Just a little something for people I work with for Christmas. These are by StitchSenseDesigns.


  1. I didn't know the scabies came from personal experience! We had an issue with pink eye in school when I was younger. Horrible stuff!

  2. Yeah! Great to get a comment from an author!

  3. I love those little pins they're SOOOO Cute.

  4. I'm glad Max is in more of the stories.

  5. These pins are suuperrr cute <3
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    Hugs from India