Monday, November 19, 2012

Where is the month going?

easy and cheesy!
Oh, if I could just make myself work harder on the writing part. Its turned off so nice and warm here. If feels more like mid September at the moment. Hard to believe we've got Thanksgiving this week.

Hopefully, I'm off to see Breaking Dawn part 2 Wednesday. We'll see.

But the writing is like pulling teeth. Yet, I know what I want to happen. I'm feeling the stress!

  Tobey stood there just as silent as he did in school. He thought he might be invisible. He was invisible until Lori showed up.
She was looking her typical soured self.  Actually, she was quite normal in her black lipstick and black nail polish. This must have been her night to be her very dark and dreadful self. Of course, she walked around not giving a damn about anything nor anyone.
He kind of liked watching her unhappiness. But he wasn’t going to ask what was her problem. He knew. It was her best friend Tia.
He was certain Lori could find better friends, but Tia seemed to be the type who needed an extra around, at all times. Naturally, it had to be someone her boyfriend wouldn’t be attracted to. Maybe Tia hoped Lori never had a boyfriend.
Tobey was beginning to think Tia couldn’t share Lori with anyone, but then Tia was the one who left Lori all alone at the party.  Tia went upstairs with Jared.
Tobey couldn’t help but watch Lori from afar. She looked quite dreadful, but he didn’t mind. And when she joined their spin the bottle game, he knew she’d had enough of Tia. Maybe she was done with her.
It was a slight happy thought in his head. Although, he knew he shouldn’t care because she didn’t even know he existed. Until the old beer bottle wouldn’t stop spinning and pointed in his direction.
Oh, the laughter in the room. He could sense it. She was doomed. Going to the closet with him.
As they got up and neared the closet door, he heard the snickers. Some of these people didn’t even know who he was.
“You don’t think he’s a psycho killer, do you?” He heard someone say. Tobey clinched his fist tight as his lean face looked over his shoulder.
Of course, he looked toward Lori, even in her heavy platform boots. He guessed she was a rocker girl, after all.
She opened the door first and turned on the light bulb.
The closet wasn’t exactly empty. There were old coats hanging about. It smelled of old shoe polish. It was a rather tight closet. And it felt as if it were closing in on Tobey.
Her eyes looked up at him as he followed back the flem in his mouth.
Perhaps they’d stand as still as possible. He’d possibly sway into her and she’d topple over.
But as soon as the lights were out, he couldn't help to let a curse word slip. Not that he felt any magic to the sound of the bad word. Still it was a comfort to express what he was truly feeling at that moment. This had to be the worst scenario of his life.
Toby never kissed a girl. He didn’t know what to do. The words poured out of him like a fountain of some sort. Angry words. Maybe frightening words. Tobey couldn’t help himself.

He didn’t even know where they came from. His brain, of course. He usually had to have a fit like this before a big test. Sometimes, even afterwards.

And he couldn’t help it now, either. The words kept coming. Maybe he was actually scared.

When she kissed him, he was sure she did it to shut him up. Lori wasn’t afraid. Tobey was in total shock. The words stopped. All was calm. He could feel his heart beat in the quietness. She kissed him again as if to show him she was still there. Tobey couldn’t help but smile.-NEVER NEVER EVER

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