Monday, November 26, 2012

My Movie Monday

Cruise of the Undead : Fifteen-year-old Charlie is P.O.'ed that his parents have wasted a perfectly good Christmas break by forcing him on a cruise with a bunch of oldies. But the old people are a piece of cake compared to the dead people. Some late night sneaking around by Charlie and his brother Jack convince them that the unimaginable is really happening: the recently dead are walking the ship. After a gruesome attack at the Death by Chocolate Buffet, Charlie recruits cool and confident Savannah and Jack's new friends Nolan and Truman. Together, they take on the zombie crew in a struggle to save themselves, their families and the other passengers from an ugly undeath.

Chase Ellison as Charlie "Charlie is a old soul in a fifteen-year-old's body. He was flawed and impatient but he was a self-sufficient go-getter that got things done!"
Elle Fanning as Savanah
*Jack, Charlie's younger brother, is witty and hilarious and having a little brother of my own I could totally relate Charlie feeling like Jack was always right under his feet." (Jake Short as Jack)

Recently, I met local author Laura Hansen who was selling her book at the high school craft show. She said her sons were interested in the Walking Dead and she decided to write a book with their help. Unfortunately, her boys only brainstormed with her one night, and left in a pout. She was then inspired to write about a very moody fifteen year old by the name of "Charlie" and has had fun writing the series ever since.

I finally tracked down the book and downloaded a copy to my Kindle. The story definitely has an interesting start. It definitely has a Disney or Nickelodeon feel to it (in a good way). She has two more books in the works with this series.

Find it at Amazon!

Cruise of the Undead

quotes from Busy Book Logger.


  1. its great that shes following her dreams and using her kids as inspiration

  2. Ooh, I so need to get into the zombie genre - it sounds like so much fun!! :)

  3. I love it! "Charlie" looks exactly like I envisioned. "Jack" could have better hair, but otherwise I'd put you in charge of my casting any day.

    BTW, Cruise of the Undead is 25% off at all Baker's Supermarkets right now.