Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Nano Days

It just isn't Thanksgiving at our house without Pecan Pie!
Extremely down right now, because nothing works today.
Wanted to continue my novel, but can’t come up with something.
Wanted to make a T-Shirt design for Dan and Phil and didn’t come up with anything either.
I think this is mid-NaNo-burn-out or something.
Maybe I should just go to bed.-Careline

Procrastination, usually..my destination. The mathematics of crochet is always baffling to me generally. I need pictures like this for inspiration to crochet a hat. And I'm always inspired by Sweet Edge. I love this artist's work. Although, I'm certain many of you would not consider it so much an art. Yet, if you do get something from this crafter..she sends it in such an amazing package with love and care. For the hat, I'm imagining making this backwards by starting at the brim part first then working back to the crown. Unfortunately, this does not always work. I did make a brown hat for Lars..last year I think. And it was basically an accident that it turned out as well as it did. But did he wear it out on our windy date this weekend? Of course not. He says its because he doesn't want to lose it. Actually, he doesn't know where he put it.
My Tobey..which I want to keep calling Alex in my novel is complicated too. Each character has their own story, of course. What is he hiding? His homelife. Which I think more people may deal with than we know out there. Its not that he hates his parents, but they seem to be more eccentric with age. Its not as easy to live with an artist as you think.
Look who found Nick?


  1. That crocheted hat is so cute! I crocheted a hat once!

  2. How cute is that picture of Jennifer and Nick? Love! :)

  3. I love the hat, a great inspirational photo indeed!

  4. the pie looks delicous!