Wednesday, October 31, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

Oh..why..oh why do I think I'll ever be a domestic goddess. I fell miserably at it. I do. I can't even put a cookie mix together. I evidently can not follow directions. My baking literally stinks. me. Not really.

They are no Bella and Edward by any means, but my brother and his girlfriend were together for a pretty long time. Of course, they only lived together. No big divorce. She took her bed and left him the dresser. He has moved on.

I did see her not long ago. She looked so sad. Her hair isn't anywhere..where it used to be. My brother did manage her hair quite well. She's gained weight too. Naturally, she acted as if I weren't even there when she passed by. Its so awkward..still.

But my brother has moved on. He is dating. We can only hope he will get his act together and not do any freaky things. Like party hardy and think he's a pirate then pass-out in the bathroom with his best friend. He likes to climb trees too, when he's drunk. He almost banged my Mom's car once when he fell out of the tree, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, its a new start for him with this new girl who is a teacher. I do notice treats him like he might be her naughty trouble maker, sometimes. Maybe she likes him that way. He is looking for a better job, but he still keeps missing interviews because he doesn't have the right clothes. Or so he says. He's been staying home with his dog more. I have a feeling she likes it that way, too.

Speaking of Bella and Edward. Have you seen the previews. I hate to be a Twilight hater, but this movie looks more and more ridiculous. Like how in the world did it generate like this? And Robert got back with Kristen? Seriously?

I have a feeling they are no more grownup than a lot of us. Its just we get to it at a different magnitude.

So its Halloween. A lot of parties happened over the weekend. We didn't go to any. Therefore, no hangovers. I have a feeling Christmas will be very low-key this year too. We just don't have the money.

Money. I just don't know what I'm expecting. I keep remembering what my cousin said, how her Mom made her write our great-grandma. I think I wrote her a thank you note a couple of times when I was like seven. Not that I was expecting a lot. Really, I'm not. Its just..well, the feeling of being looked over. Maybe, even feeling stupid.

1. Writing a novel in a month will adjust your expectations. If you’re a perfectionist about your work, you’re probably a lot like me—and more relevantly, you might find the idea of pumping out words to be pretty terrifying. “But… the grammar! The inconsistent characterization!” you shout while eyeing the delete key. Before you reach for it, realize this: your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect. When you have only 30 days to write, you’ll notice that your best creative work is often about just letting your (non-deleting) fingers fly.
2. Noveling with a deadline will give you focus. In other months, you might start a story and then put it off. (That TV won’t watch itself, after all, and surely your ideas can wait until after the Pretty Little Liars marathon.) During NaNoWriMo, you don’t have time for these excuses if you want to reach your goal. You need to dedicate yourself to writing every day. For writers with short attention spans (i.e., most of us), that obligation is an powerful thing.
3. Now is the best time to do this. You don’t need to have a creative writing class, a college degree, a book deal, or anything else to write your novel. You just need an idea. It could be huge, medium, miniscule, or even nonexistent, on November 1. As long as you sit down to write, that idea will become something greater. Trust us.-Nano
Yet, here I go getting ready for it again!

I will start to sound depressing now, so I should shut up. However, I don't think I'll even attempt Nanowritemore. It really puts the pressure on. And I write and write and write. Honestly, its total crap. But all the best to those who are doing it this November!

I have taken a like'n to Doc Martin. Not sure who the fans are of that show. I know my friend at work thinks I'm just not in the in crowd. I'm suppose to be watching Happy Endings. Granted she hated the show the first season. Which I loved. She went back and re-watched the season. She now loves the show. Maybe I'll get her to watch Doc Martin now.

Anyway, I'm afraid my Halloween will definitely be so low-key. I guess we'll hand out candy. Isn't that what its really about, anyway?


  1. What is it about breakups that make people gain weight? Seems to happen every time.

    I think somehow we always wind up feeling like kids. Confused, standing by ourselves, feeling like an idiot, and wondering if maybe you should talk to your family after all.

    I hope you have a good Halloween after all.

  2. Good luck on the novel!

    It doesn't have to be about zombies, you know.

  3. Tough breakup for the girlfriend :( Halloween is hard to be more than low-key when it is on a week-night I think. Passing out candy can be fun though. Good luck on novel-month!

  4. you're a great writer... u should enter the competition without any pressure! be confident!!

  5. That picture of Kristen Stewart is so gorgeous. Good luck with your novel!! :)

  6. I don't even want to go to this last movie..but you know I will.

    Hope you have fun with the novel!

  7. It's hard I think to adjust from living with someone to suddenly being only half of a couple again - solo.

    re: baking - it's hard, I'm a fairly good baker and I still mess up recipes more often then I get them right!