Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wee Bit of Wednesday

Its warming up. Maybe too warm. Which probably means..I'll have a cold soon. That is usually the way it works. But we are grilling. Gotta get in the last grilling of the season, or so the weather man says.

Lars and I did go look for used CDs. Yeah, who does that anymore? You are probably thinking. We do.

My best find Dans Paris. It was funny, on our way there we were listening to Cambodia by Kim Wilde on our way there. And I started thinking..where did I hear that song? And it was in the French movie Dans Paris starring my favorite French actor Louis Garrel. What I also loved about this movie was seeing how the people lived in this city. The old apartments. The very thin halls. And the space for a bed isn't much. Therefore, in one scene he sleeps with his Dad and his brother. Of course, Louie's main character has quite a few lovers. But part of the time, one wonders if he loves her bed more than her.

I would never smoke in bed. We don't smoke. But we do read in bed and I do enjoy watching movies on my Kindle Fire in bed, too.

This brings me to my brother and his old girlfriend. She had a pretty big bed too and when they lived together they used her bed. When they broke up, she left him while he was still at work..she took her bed. It was quite a while before he got a bed. He came to our house first in search of a bed. He slept on his couch in the livingroom until  he couldn't take it anymore. Finally, a friend that he works with was getting a bigger bed when he got married so my brother has it now..which he shares with his very big dog.

Back to the CDs. He got his Bjork tunes and I got the Ting Tings.

Still crocheting. I made myself a hat. Its more of a summer weight. I was just trying to get the yarn used up.

We did get T-shirt fabric sheets, but its too warm to put them on the bed now.

I could still take a nap every day. I fight it..then I can't sleep at night. Seriously, I think we as females must have more sleep problems than guys. Lars could sleep through just about anything. Then when he wakes up..he can't help but wake me up to. Although, I feel sure my best sleep must be between five and seven a.m. in the morning.



  1. I hear ya, IC is the same way - he just assumes if he's awake, I'm awake too - And I usually am not! He's been working on it though, so that's something.

  2. Love shopping for movies that way. Oh, its cold here again. I hate getting out of bed in the morning.

  3. oh cool, crochet! I like to do that... except for this thing I do where I never finish ANYTHING. *sigh*
    I hope you're enjoying the change in seasons, despite the imminent cold!