Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wee bit of Wednesday

Its been a stressful week.

Roofers were here last week..and well..they messed up our no cable for the weekend.  I did get caught up on PARTY DOWN season 2.

I don’t know! It’s up to John Enbom and Dan Etheridge and Rob Thomas, the guys that write the show. Whatever they come up with is usually sort of the best way to go. I actually think about it probably more than I should because they are fictional characters that do not exist, but I think of them a lot.
Adam Scott on Henry and Casey (x)

Anyway, work has been lots of meetings which was more like a big scolding. I knew they were talking about another co-worker, but then when I looked at my desk ..and how much junk I need to haul out of there. Mostly, its items we can not find records on. A couple of books that need to be set free. And I have junk in my desk drawers from past co-workers.

Interesting though, I see how other co-workers hone in on certain things. Some artsy. Some very much library stuff. So now its weird..when do you clean out your desk and all? On the job or after work?

I mean, I've learned pretty good to clean up after myself. Its not that I'm leaving a mess out. But it all goes in the drawer and well, its a junk drawer now.

These 2 are starting to grow on me..but she's suppose to be with Jason Ritter's character.

I know that you’re trying to make everything ok for me.
You always have our whole lives.
And I love you so much for that.
You have to let me be scared.


Parenthood was almost annoying last night. I wasn't sure if they meant to have someone reading the script allowed..or if that was just some odd accent. It is getting rather intense with the breast cancer storyline.

I do like the show, although I would like to see more of some characters they don't show.

Possibly I was watching way too many episodes of Slide to the point where I thought I was in an episode.

The nights are getting cooler, but I've been waking up at weird moments. Like 3 being the magic number. One night I woke up thinking someone was trying to get in the house. Then I slept with my cell phone after that.

Hopefully, I'll figure out how to not to keep the 3 a.m. wake up.