Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wee bit of Wednesday

This is my Clearance prize! From TARGET. Under 10 bucks. These are to go with my other clearance item (fuzzy socks for rain boots thus to make them winter boots from Bath Body & Beyond that I found back in April).
The madness that happened a few weeks ago. Now we are getting a new roof. This also means a few branches will come down from the big tree out front too.
Early September are still hot days of summer that tend to linger these days. But it is quite muggy this labor day weekend.
Honestly, it was Dane DeHaan whole stole the movie Lawless for me. His Cricket Pate was the crippled genius who made the White Lightening and tinkered with cars to make them go fast. It was truly emotional to see Cricket's final scene in the movie.
I seldom ever bake. I followed this recipe carefully. Thought I put it in a sheet pan they said. It was such a mess in the oven. Then the icing had a mind of its own too. Lets say it was awful messy to eat, but chocolate goodness! And Lars didn't seem to mind. Although, he made so much of this cake. Dad say it does go well with beer. On the other hand, we thought it went really well with the red wine.


  1. I have those boots but in yellow! They are awesome :)

    MMM chocolate! I just bought mini brownies on clearance to make for Kyle, I can't help it :P

  2. i want some chocolate!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your roof - that is awful! On the bright side, those boots are adorbs!! :)