Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wee Bit of Wednesday

Its cooled off some. A little rain. But its back to being hot again. Can't say I've really done much other than the usual.

Drew Van Acker would be the perfect Evan because he's honest and loyal which is definitely someone Archer needs in his life. While Justin Wilczynski as Archer has this misunderstood gaze of someone who would be impossible to trust. Does he look like someone you'd ever call Archie? You would definitely never call Archer Archie.

Archer and Evan. PERFECT COUPLE!

I've been a little absorbed in Hushed by Kelley York. Such an interesting storyline, full of revenge! Although, in my of yet I can't say who would exactly be the characters. They keep changing in my head.

I have a lunch date coming up with someone I haven't seen in a few months. I think a co-worker is put off that I'm going out with him and didn't invite her, but all we are going to do is talk about is writing.

I mean, I've gone on several outings with her and an out of town friend and once they get to talking, I feel pretty much left out. I don't mean to leave her out. Yet, I feel more myself when its just me and the writer friend because ..sometimes..somethings will offend her.

But, I think I've made her mad..once again. Or maybe I think I did and I really didn't.

So anyway, its August. Late summer and well..its picnics and cook outs. And I'm trying to get a little bit of writing in..any chance I can.

Texas Sheet Cake recipe


  1. Gah! Justin is so gorgeous - LOVE his eyes!! :)

  2. Well hopefully you can make it up to her in the end :/

  3. I could definitely seeing Drew as Evan. Oh..what a role that would be for Justin!

    I so want that cake!

  4. wow...look at those eyes!! and im loving the recipe...yuumm!!

  5. That recipe looks yum! I totally get what you mean by the friend - sometimes things are just easier in twosomes than threesomes!