Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wee bit of wednesday

Some lovely art from my poetry friend. It was a surprise when he gave me this. I honestly, wasn't expecting it. He's a sweet guy.
This was the flowerbed I caught on fire on the 4th, to keep from causing any damage to the neighbors car. I'm afraid my fireworks days are over.
A friend did this for our summer reading YA party at the library.
Teen wolf is getting so's giving me nightmares. I'm not sure who the writers are, but they have certainly made so many good plots to savor this season, already. And Tyler Posey is showing he's got the stamina to hold his own on the show.
The only thing I liked about the latest Batman movie.


  1. great post!
    kiss kiss

  2. I so need to see Teen Wolf - it sounds like such a phenomenal show! :)

  3. aww the drawing was sweet!

  4. lol, oh I can't wait to see Batman! JGL is amazing :)