Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday


I just finished talking with this guy who isn't going to write a novel, after all. I'm not sure what he's up too. He caught me off guard as I was about to go to lunch. Then he talked to me for an hour!...ahhhhh...

We don't even like the same films. What is strange, we sort of have a correspondence going.

1. all this time I thought he was gay. he's not.
2. all this time I thought he hated everything I wrote, but according to a friend at work he loves my work. Has he told me this? No.

A part of me sees him as this guy trying to find a way to make money. Then there is this other side who wants to be so creative. He just doesn't want to 'do' it..evidently.


I dunno. I'm doing my best not to stress. I have more things to add to my pile of TO DO LIST. Now my primary goal..Paperbacks.


As if I don't have to do more than my share..anyway. While others are more special about their special skills. I get to do all of it. Again, I feel I have co-workers who want things done a certain way, and I'm the last to know. I just have to get my mind off of it. I know Lars doesn't like to listen to me dwell on it. I know he has a lot more to handle during his week than I do. I just have to find a way to keep calm.

Still a heatwave going on. Although, our state isn't in one of those warning conditions, it should be. Saturday an unexpected shower came. We thought it would cool things off, but it made outside all the more a sauna. That's summer in the heartland.

So have I been doing anything happy? You might ask? Hmmmm.. I did make an infinity scarf. I altered a shirt..that I still might make into a scarf yet. Once I get tired of it. Still, I think I'd rather be writing. And well..I'm not sure I'd say much about it. But I guess the emotions got the best of me, again. Although, there is a part coming up, I'm dreading to put myself through.

So now you are probably wondering..why put yourself through it? A part me feels, I need to learn to deal with certain issues. Big one, small ones..You are probably now are not making any sense. Possibly, I'm not.

I know there are technical things I should practice more. As in..descriptions in writing. There is also the emotional aspects too.

My brother came over yesterday. He brought his dog along. Naturally, this stirred up trouble with the cats.

Caleb has moved back home..which means..he's right down the street now. And..and he's working on electric guitars now. Its kind of a hobby. He loves electric stuff. I'm not sure how much Lars is helping. More like hanging out. So, I have to wonder, am I so happy to have Caleb back? His girlfriend is still moving to California. I dunno how that'll work out. He wants to teach himself guitar ..all over again. See, his first girlfriend was in a band and she taught him a lot of stuff about guitar. They used to hang out a lot, just practicing guitar. He was never in her band, but he was always there to support her. Maybe her band would have been a whole lot better if he had been in it. He plays by ear. He's pretty good on the keyboard. The drums too. But I'm pretty sure he's not going to be seeing his ex. She's moved on.


  1. I think it's awesome that you've been so creative lately - making infinity scarves, DIY shirts, writing...! :)

  2. even tho relationships may start off awkward...they often find their stride

  3. Would love to see your infinite scarf and skirts! I have none of those skills. And I hear ya about work frustrations - it's so hard when people rely on you to do the work, but don't really keep you up to date on the decisions that go into the work - if that makes sense!

  4. Yay for creativity! I wish I had more of that gene in me. I fail at everything creative that I try.
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