Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wee bit of Wednesday

I got  a book a co-worker has been wanting..just for her. I hope she hates the book as much as I do. So interesting that we want this book. Oddly, its a best seller. You'll have to guess which one. Thankfully, the price of getting cheaper and cheaper.

All I can say when I think of Ian Somerhalder..he's only wanting HARD SEX. 

Oh...I feel in limbo.

Taking lots of walkabouts. Beautiful weather. We have strawberries! The raspberries are looking promising.

I'm glad to be home.

We finally turned on the A/C. At least the air conditioning is working at the moment.

I will sorely miss THE SECRET CIRCLE. Of course, there were many lame things about it. Plus, having Cassie's mother die in a fire was a bit of a miserable beginning. And everyone having to say those annoying spells was a bit much. It wasn't like I wanted the show to be BEWITCHED. I did like the idea of get a circle together and dark demons and witch hunters follow. Although, it would have been much more mysterious if it were left a mystery as who was in the circle..and have it more of a Jane Yolen mystery.

One of my favorite tales of hers which I guess if part of the Witch lore..luring men, turning them into steads in the dark of night and riding them through their dark missions. Which brings me to DARK SHADOWS. I'd forgotten it was a witch who cursed the main character into a vampire because he wouldn't love her back.

It was a fun movie.


  1. There were some problems with THE SECRET CIRCLE, but it was getting so much better. I think the 2nd season had so much potential. There were so many interesting characters on the show. Some amazing guest stars, too.