Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm weird Wednesday

why girls are weird

1. I like to eat the edges of my hamburger first..thus, I eat it ..around and around until there is just one bite.

2. I talk to my cat. Sometimes, I talk to inanimate things too. Like when I can't find a shoe or something.

3. I've been worrying about flesh eating bacteria. There have been 6 cases in our area. Usually, it evolves from staff infections and isn't as serious as the one in the water in Georgia.

4. Speaking of which, a very close friend of mine has an infection in his leg that's kind of like arthritis and he's on antibiotics at the moment.

5. I'm on a marathon of Veronica Mars kick, thanks to a friend of mine.

6. Why is it I can wake up before 5 in the morning...fall back to sleep and not want to get up before 8?

7. I love sweet potato tots with mustard. Unfortunately, Sonic has discontinued them.

8. I'm reading Tom Leveen's Zero. Its kind of weird, but I like it most that its quirky.

Henry & Shannon

9. I love quirky characters.

10. There for I can't wait to write about a few new quirky characters.

Lucas & Leia


  1. Can't hardly wait for more of your stories.

  2. I used to eat all the chocolate off of candy bars before eating the inside stuff.

  3. I like dipping my oreo in coffee.